Yoga in the Context of Physical Education and Sports: An Overview

Author: Dipankar Malas

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Abstract: Yoga is one of the precious treasures inherited from ancient India. It has a wealth of benefits. Yoga has been considered a way of life; one can not only achieve the targets of staying healthy and fit through practicing yoga but also it can totally change the behaviour and psychological outlook of a person. Although yoga itself is a sport yet its different kind of Aasans especially help players in improving motion, mobility, coordination, strength, flexibility, balance etc. which can further boost the performance and prevent injury. The presents study aims to discuss the role of yoga in the physical education. It also highlights the importance of yoga in the games and sports. The research also covers the significance of yoga in daily life. Since this is a descriptive study, the researcher has followed several books, journals, and other sources to get the necessary data. Another significant source of information was the internet. According to the study’s findings, yoga therapy aids in the recovery of both physical and emotional pain. One can never undervalue the importance of yoga in athletics. However, as every game is played differently and with various tools, it’s important to know what sorts of yoga asana are best for your game.

Keywords: Yoga, Energy, Growth, Spiritual System, Immunity.

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