Rabindra Sangeet – The Development of Spiritual Consciousness of the New Generation

Author: Arpita Saha Paul

DOI Link :: https://doi-ds.org/doilink/03.2024-55482546/BIJMRD/2024/V2/I1/A18

Abstract: Rabindranath Tagore is the greatest poet, writer, painter, composer, dramatist; singer on the other hand is a great philosopher who is well known not only Bengal. He is the poet of the world. His influence on Bengali poetic literature is immense. His songs are called Rabindra Sangeet which reflects philosophy towards life. Philosophers have explained the term spirituality in a very mystical and logical way. It considered related to the soul. Spirituality is not a religion. It equates the human mind with the God. Rabindranath Tagore believed that God is the pure form of everysoul. God is not outside. This thought is reflected in his songs.“Simar majhe, asim, tumi bajaoapon sur /amarmodhye  tomar prokash tai ato Madhur” (Gitanjali, p.76).Spirituality is the form of Brahman called soul encounter or self-knowledge. Since ancient times our music has been considered to belong to spiritual nature. The language of music, melody, composition, rhythm is the expression of our feelings. Without such a soul the body does not exist just as spirituality without music also does not exist. That’s why Nadais called Brahmanin the scriptures. Which is denoted by Om’?

The variety of lyrics and melody of Rabindra Sangeet affects the human mind and elevates him to the higher level of consciousness. Feeling the rasa inherent in his music creates a deep joy in the mind. That is supreme joy that helps bring about self-encounter. Most of his poetry and music reveal the full spectrum of spiritualist thought. His Gitanjali poetry is a complete expression of spiritual thought. Gitanjali’s first poem is “Amar mathanoto kore dao he tomar chorono dhulartole” (Rabindranath Tagore,1906),that is bow my head under your feet. His lyrics repeated lyconvey he message of finding the pure form of soul within oneself. Such as “Amar praner manus acheprane/tai heritae sokol khane” (Rabindranath Tagore,1910) or “Amar hiyar majhe lukiye chhile dekhte ami paini” (Rabindranath Tagore,1914)etc. In this century new generation is very fast getting attracted to material things and drifting away from the truth, forgetting it so webbing. They are increasing lyrushing to ward acquiring external knowledge instead of acquiring their own inner knowledge. Therefore, one of the tools to save this new generation from falling into the pit of dark hell is the development of its spiritual consciousness and enlightenment. So, learning the songs of Rabindranath is one of the most appropriate mediums in the spiritual development of the new generation. The subject of the paper is how to develop the spiritual consciousness of the new generation by learning RabindraSangeet. Some of the notable songs of Rabindranath have been selected from Gitabitan to fulfill the purpose of the study.

Keywords: Spirituality, Rabindra Sangeet, Consciousness, Music, New Generation, Gitabitan.

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