Interrelation between Literature, Culture and Language: A Study

Author: Smiran Hazra

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Abstract: The incorporation of literary works into language classrooms has been shown to increase students’ comprehension of the culture of the target community as well as their proficiency in the target language. Literature cannot be taught or understood in isolation from its cultural setting. Culture offers sufficient and genuine resources, as well as fascinating, hands-on learning opportunities. Literature is a powerful tool for infusing a communicative method to teaching a foreign language with society values, beliefs, cultural factors, and attitudes. This research was conducted to better understand the connections between literature, culture, and language, as well as to provide a forum for discussing those connections. Both primary and secondary sources were used to compile this study. The data comes from several sources, including books, periodicals, newspapers, and academic journals.

Keywords: Language, Culture, Literary Works, Increase Students’, Society Values, Attitudes.

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