Scrolling to Success: Exploring Teachers’ Views on Social Media’s Influence on EnglishLanguage Learners

Author: Dr. Suman Devi

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Abstract: This qualitative study aims at exploring the impact of social media on English language learners’ linguistic competence, motivation, and anxiety. There are ten numbers of people, chosen for this study which includes University level professors and teachers. Responses are collected from the information gathered from the different participants by the use of written interviews. In addition, the information which is used in this study, sheds light on the positive and negative impacts of social media in learning of English language and to underscore future strategies to integrate it in curriculum for university students. Most participants agreed that social media is an effective tool for language learning, and students showed a discernible increase in their understanding and use of English language skills. The results give us blatantly optimistic results in language learning with social media usage, even though the paper advocates for more research and analysis in other disciplines.

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