Toxic Effect of Arsenic on organs of Labeo Rohita, Catla catla Fishes in Affected Areas ofWest Bengal

Author: Tanmoy Basak, Pritha Pal & Subhasis Sarkar

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ABSTRACT: Arsenic (As) is a dangerous contaminant in the aquatic world, existing in inorganic and organic forms. Arsenic being most common heavy metal pollutant in fresh water, comes from industry, chemical manufacturing and other anthropogenic sources, the PH label falls and increasing metal solubility causes demolishing effect the aquatic organism. Generally ionic forms of heavy metals are more toxic because it can form toxic compounds with other ions, causes serious cellular damage of fishes. So arsenic are easily available to fish, resulting in considerable amount of metal accumulation in the fish tissue. Relationship between metal accumulation in fish organs and in water has been studied in field and laboratory. So we have tried to carry out the survey in effective district of West Bengal, newspaper and published research papers in pummed. The toxic effect due to arsenic on the importance organs of fishes like Gills, Liver, Kidney and Flesh.

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