Innovative Teaching Strategies for Educational Improvement of Scheduled Caste Learners

Author: Sarajit Biswas

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Abstract: Scheduled Castes (SCs), also known as Dalits, are among the most disadvantaged groups in India, both socially and educationally. Within the Scheduled Castes, there are several sub-caste groups, including Namasudra, Rajbanshi, Pundra, Chandala, Muchi, Chamar, Dom, and others. The Indian Constitution provides protections and safeguards for Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), and other vulnerable sections of society. These measures aim to promote their educational and economic interests and eliminate social discrimination, either through specific provisions or by ensuring their general rights as citizens. The government has initiated various programs, policies, and schemes to support the educational advancement of children from Scheduled Castes. Teaching strategies refer to the methods and techniques that educators use to facilitate learning. The choice of teaching strategy depends on the subject matter, the learners’ level of expertise, and their stage in the learning process. This paper aims to explore innovative teaching strategies to address the challenges and issues faced by children from Scheduled Castes.

Keyword: Education, Scheduled Caste, Innovative Teaching strategy, Learner.

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