Adjustment among Upper Primary School Students at Patharpratima block in south 24 Parganadistrict, West Bengal: an Assessment

Author: Dr. Prakash Kumar Sahoo

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Abstract: The present study aims to find out the adjustment among the Upper Primary school students at Patharpratima block in south 24 pargana districts, West Bengal. It also finds out the difference between male and female students in respect of the Emotional, Social and educational adjustment. The present study was completed by using normative survey method. A sample of 120 students of Upper Primary level studying in various schools of Pathar pratim Block of South 24 Pargana district of West Bengal was chosen through random sampling technique for the present study. Out of the 120, 60 were Male and 60 were Female students. A Structured Questionnaire named “The Adjustment Inventory for School Students (AISS) consisting of 45 items with 15 items in each of the three areas of adjustment: emotional, social and educational. Mean, Standard deviation and t- test were employed to analyses the collected data. Findings of the study indicate that the overall adjustment of Upper Primary school students is unsatisfactory. There is significant difference between male and female in respect of Emotional, Social and Educational adjustment

Keywords: School Students, Adjustment, Behavior, Socio-Psychological.

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