Understanding Mental Health: A Conceptual Study

Author: Dr. Raju Sha

DOI Link :: https://doi-ds.org/doilink/04.2024-93972569/BIJMRD/2024/V2/I2/A6

Abstract: Mental health is a state of equipoise where the individual is at peace with them self, is able to function effectively socially and is able to look after their own basic needs as well as higher function needs. To be functionally positive, one must be able to constructively handle change, relationships, and emotions. It is imperative that psychiatry actively participates in public health initiatives by including the maintenance and promotion of mental health into its practice, research, and education. In order to better understand mental health, mental disease types, and risk factors, the current research set out to investigate what makes a mentally healthy individual tick. A person in good mental health is able to build and sustain loving relationships with others, carry out the social roles expected of them in their culture, adapt to new situations, express their gratitude for good things that have happened, and control negative emotions like sadness. When a person’s mental health is good, they have a sense of self-worth, mastery over their own life, and insight into how their mind and body work together.

Keywords: Mental Health, Community, Biological Factors, Disorders, Social, Economic.

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