Bengal Women’s Social Status and Identity : In the Light of Bengali Literature in Pre- Colonial India

Author: Saroj Mahata

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Abstract: Human civilization is built on the joint efforts of men and women.  The primitive stage of this civilization was matriarchal social system. But at a particular level of the production system, patriarchal society collapses and with it the status of women is a noun in nation reader. As the term is multi- dimensional and due to this it is not easy to highlight the overall social position of women in any- particular phase of a country. When we think of mughal period women, two different images of women from two different communities, mainly Hindus and Muslims, come to mind. Again, the position of women in each community is different due to Caste. Race, Religion, Class and family and regional differences. In this case socio- economic and Cultural differences act as important dimensions. There is no holistic picture of Indian women in the Mughal Period. Mughal Women’s images are a collection of different fragmentary images. Sociologists Judge the progress and backwardness of the society by looking at the value and status of women. It should be noted as an object of male pleasure. Society did not give any importance to his independent and independent opinion etc. The article discusses how the social status and position of Bengali women during the days of mughal rule in the 18th century has been revealed through literature.

Keywords: Society of Bengal,  Bengali women, Patriarchy, Kaulinya Tradition, Sati Pratha, Women’s Education.

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