Aspects of the Vaishnavism: A Study from the Religious Perspective

Author: Rajib Mahapatra

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Abstract: The present study has been carried out to understand the philosophy of Vaishnav religion and to know about the religious discipline of Vaishnavism. Religion is the ideological reflex of the real world and its form is determined by the structure of that world. The problem of man’s existence and his destiny can be solved by religion. It is also the expression of human spirit, involving in the process of growth. In the development of society, religion has great role. It is a factor of culture that helped in the development of culture, role of culture etc. Religion and its institution have an important role in establishing social harmony. Such type of institution breaks the caste barriers and establishes unity among people. Though the form and object of man’s religious feelings may change over time, but religion is one of the major well springs of human bahaviour.

Keywords: Human Spirit, Society, Culture, Religion, Development, Philosophical Perspectives.

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