A Study of the Role of West Bengal Government in Women Empowerment

Author: Ashis Ghosh

DOI Link :: https://doi-ds.org/doilink/04.2024-96878496/BIJMRD/Vol -2 / 2 (1)/2024/A23/Ashis Ghosh

Abstract:Women Empowerment can be defined to promote women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices and their right influence Social changes for themselves and others Empower of women is a process aimed at changing the, nature a direction of Systematic forces, which marginalize women in Society women empowerment has gained momentum only after 90s. Since independence a Lot of Schemes were also undertake to empowerment the female Community. As against this backdrop the task of women empowerment has become a vital agenda in the development of all countries. This paper discusses the women empowerment in West Bengal and role of West Bengal by analyzing gender gap with respect to sex ratio, health, education, voice in decision making in household governing bodies, and women social political and financial inclusion. Women empowerment schemes has been analyzed on the basis of the secondary data, collected from Government and non-government sources. Delineating the essential issue to women empowerment in West Bengal, this study highlights the challenges before the state to reach into that destination.

Keywords: Woman Empowerment, Gender Gap, Government schemes.

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