Science and Technology education in Balance with the Sociocultural Environment

Author: Rachana Kumari

DOI Link :: -2 / 2 (1)/2024/A31/Rachana Kumari

Abstract:Innovation in science and technology has accelerated globalization and commercialization. Multi-present culture is what globalization represents (DEPFE, NCERT). Our sociocultural milieu has undergone a significant transformation as a result of globalization. Our customs have a natural scientific basis, yet blindly adhering to ideas and customs is no longer acceptable. For this reason, contemporary fashions and trends arose. The ecosystem and natural world have suffered greatly as a result of modern living. Broadly speaking, education will be essential in bringing about the necessary change in a number of ways. Global interconnectedness and interdependence can be promoted with the appropriate knowledge of and attitudes toward science and technology. Therefore, imparting knowledge about the importance of these practices along with a proper understanding might lead to an exploration of science and technology for harmony. A sustainable future requires a shared understanding of the importance of selflessness, caring for others, the environment, biodiversity conservation, and recognizing the mutual fulfilment and prosperity of all species. It is only when parents and educators take ownership of their children’s education and actively participate in creating strong social pillars that this kind of approach toward learning becomes feasible.

Keywords: Science And Technology, Value Education, Morals, Ethics, Culture, Society, Nature, Environment.

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