Scope of E-Learning in the Context of School Education: A Detail Study

Author: Tapas Kumar Manna

DOI Link :: -2 / 2 (1)/2024/A22/T. K. Manna

Abstract:The present study has been undertaken to understand the significance of the E-Learning in the School education, to study the changes that can be brought about by the use of E-Learning. It also discusses the applications of E-Learning in the School education. Required information have been gathered by following different secondary sources of information in terms of journals, books etc. The study’s conclusion is that there is hope for the next generation to get the assistance and life skills they need if school education in India continues to build on its greatest traditions and stays realistic, adaptable, and child-centered. In order to effectively and educationally suitably employ e-learning, we must make sure that the technology does not dictate the nature of the learning process. It is a given fact that effective instructors and in-person instruction will not be entirely replaced by online learning platforms.

Keywords: E-Learning, Online Learning, School Education.

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