An analysis of the problems and obstacles associated with women’s empowerment in India

Author: Souvik Bhatta

DOI Link :: -2 / 2 (1)/2025/A5/Souvik Bhatta

Abstract:This paper attempts to analyze the problems and obstacles associated with women’s empowerment in India. One of the most significant issues of the twenty-first century is now women’s empowerment. Women’s empowerment means creating a political and social climate in which they can live freely from the oppression, exploitation, fear, prejudice, and overall sense of persecution that comes with being a woman in a system that has historically been dominated by men. In India, violence against women refers to acts of physical or sexual abuse, particularly those perpetrated by men. Domestic abuse, sexual assault, and murder are prevalent types of violence against women in India. Since the victim is a woman, this action must be taken solely to raise awareness of violence against women. These acts are typically committed by men who conform to gender-biased roles. The National Offense Records Bureau of India reports that there has been a rise in the number of crimes committed against women, with one such offense occurring every three minutes. Indian planners and policymakers have given women’s emancipation a lot of thought. The government’s initiatives to empower women are covered in this section. Women’s self-esteem and society as a whole depend on them being empowered. It is feasible for women to have equal rights in politics, the economy, society, and education. Women are free to follow their own happy lives in terms of work, language, religion, and other interests in addition to integrating into society. The empowerment of women is currently the most effective development approach in India; worldwide, women are actively pursuing leadership roles and surpassing males in all endeavors. The study concludes that one of the most significant issues of the twenty-first century, both domestically and globally, is the empowerment of women. To accomplish these goals, government measures alone are insufficient. Women should have full autonomy to self-determination so they can engage in the social, political, and economic life of the nation with a sense of equality. Gender discrimination should not exist, and society should take the effort to establish such an environment.

Keywords: Women Empowerment, Education, Article, Violence against women, Obstacles.

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