Catalysts of Change: Examining the Transformative Role of Sister Nivedita in Advancing the Status of Indian Women

Author: Sarmistha BiswasDr. Santanu Biswas2

DOI Link :: -2 / 4/A18/Sarmistha Biswas

Abstract: This study explores the transformative role of Sister Nivedita in advancing the status of Indian women. Born as Margaret Elizabeth Noble in Ireland, Sister Nivedita, a disciple of Swami Vivekananda, dedicated her life to the cause of women’s empowerment in India during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Her multifaceted contributions encompassed education, social reform, feminism, and advocacy for women’s rights. Through a biographical analysis, we trace her journey from Irel and to India and her transformative experiences that led to her engagement in the empowerment of Indian women. Inclusion, Sister Nivedita’s transformative role in advancing the status of Indian women is a testament to her dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment to gender equality and empowerment. Her legacy continues to inspire contemporary efforts to uplift women socially, economically, and culturally in India and beyond. This research offers a comprehensive examination of her contributions, shedding light on the enduring impact of her work in the realm of women’s rights and education.

Key words: Sister Nivedita, Transformative Role, Women Education, Feminist.

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