Usefulness of ICT in the School Education: An Overview

Author: Rabin Banerjee1 Dr. Santanu Biswas2

DOI Link :: -2 / 4/A17/Rabin Banerjee

Abstract: Teachers can better meet the worldwide need for the use of technology-based teaching and learning tools and facilities by integrating information, communication, and technology (ICT). Information and communication technology (ICT) is widely regarded as a key factor in Malaysia’s transformation towards the country’s future growth. The current Education Blueprint (2013-2025) from the Ministry of Education highlights the significance of integrating technology-based instruction into the national curriculum for students of all ages. This research attempts to examine how information and communication technologies (ICT) are used in the classroom and what can be learned about their impact on both student learning and classroom instruction. Given the descriptive nature of this investigation, secondary resources have been mined for any pertinent data. In addition to these primary materials, we also made use of secondary resources such books, journals, government documents, and the internet. It follows that successful ICT adoption is essential for maximizing the benefits to both educators and learners. Therefore, the adoption and endorsement of a technology-based teaching and learning model by the school’s administration are the first steps. There will be great success and advantages for both instructors and pupils if the process of integrating technology into schools is carried out correctly from the very beginning stage and the continuing maintenance is effectively supplied.

Key words: Technology (ICT), Communication, Administration, Learning, Facilities.

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