Academic Outcomes of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for Special Needs Children in Upper Primary Schools of Howrah and Paschim Medinipur

Author: Avijit Patra1 Dr. Sindhu Bala2

DOI Link:- -2 / 4/A31/Avijit Patra

Abstract: This study investigates the impact of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) on special needs children in upper primary schools of Howrah and PaschimMedinipur. Through a mixed-methods approach, the research explores the academic and non-academic outcomes of CCE implementation, considering regional differences and socio-economic factors. Key findings reveal improvements in academic performance, skill development, and overall well-being among special needs children under CCE. However, disparities in resources, infrastructure, and teacher preparedness between urban Howrah and rural PaschimMedinipur highlight the need for targeted interventions and policy adjustments to ensure equitable access to quality education for all learners. The study underscores the importance of collaboration, community engagement, and inclusive practices in promoting academic success and holistic development for special needs children.

Keywords: Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, special needs children, inclusive education, regional disparities, academic outcomes.

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