Socio- Economic Problem of Women Depending on the Resources of Sundarban

Author: Jagan Nath Mahato

DOI Link :: -2 / 4/A16/Jagan Nath Mahato

Abstract: The limited resources of the Sundarbans are indiscriminately extracted which has profound impacts on the overall environment and the economy of the region and the country, at large. A good number of women are involved in extracting the limited resources of the Sundarbans. The women extracting the resources of the Sundarbans are characterized by low level of income, low level of education, do not get the fair price of their products, do not have legal status of extracting the resources and not much scope for engaging in other alternative jobs and socially down looked. It is pertinent to formulate a policy of sustainable resources extraction of the forest for overall betterment of the stakeholders. In this respect, there is need for adequate and updated knowledge about the socio-economic status of the people including the women who are dependent on the resources of the forest, particularly living in the vicinity of the Sundarbans so as to undertake appropriate policy measures in order to reduce their dependency on the resources of the forest. The present study is aimed to present pertinent information on the women who are dependent on the resources of the Sundarbans for their livelihoods.

Key words: The Sundarbans, resource extractors, the impact zone, socio-economic conditions, crisis coping.

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