Traditions and Customs As Reflected in the Writings of Sudraka

Author: Arpita Dey

DOI Link : -2 / 4/A9/Arpita Dey

Abstract: Any work of art directly or indirectly is a product of contemporary society. Apparently works of art are products of imagination but they are also complex amalgam of socio-cultural circumstances, economic relations of their society, and cross-cultural influences. The present study aims to study the beliefs and practices as reflected in the writings of Sudraka. Various practices have been studied in this article. The researcher has followed different secondary sources of information like books, journals. Internet sources have also been followed for required information. The study concludes that some of the beliefs and practices which were found in the writings of Sudraka are still observed in the modern society of today which seems to be quite astonishing

Key words: Contemporary Society, Socio-Cultural, Sudraka, Cross-Cultural, Human Nature.

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