Economic Impact of the British Rule in India: An Overview

Author: Sk Anoar Ali

DOI Link : Vol -2 / 4/A8/Sk Anoar Ali

Abstract: British economic policy towards India was both innovative and effective. These measures ensured India’s perpetual reliance on the West. These measures undermine the foundations upon which the Indian economy was built. As a result of British dominion, India became the economic hub of the United Kingdom. At first glance, it could seem that the British occupation of India was responsible for the country’s positive social changes. However, following further inspection, these advantages turned out to be fortuitous, at best. The Indian economy was improved only for the purpose of looting it. The researcher, interested in the effects of peasantry, set out to investigate the effects of British rule on India’s cottage industry. The effects on traditional zamindars and the subsequent growth of modern landlordism are also explored. The researcher has followed many Book, Journal, and online sources to get the data needed to complete the goals. The research concludes that the arrival of the British Empire in India had a profound effect on the country’s economy, society, and government.

Key words: Indian economy, British policy, social changes, innovative.

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