Critical Analysis of the Selected Stories of Banamali Biswal

Author: Uttam  Kumar Palui

DOI Link : Vol -2 / 4/A10/Uttam Kumar Palui

Abstract: Banmali Bishwal is one of the leading experts on contemporary Sanskrit literature. Jijeevisha, one of his books, is very impressive. From a literary perspective, his work is a benchmark for the genre of short story collection. In this article the researcher has made an attempt to study the Ahopadalalsa of Banmali Bishwal, to analyze critically the Jijeevisha of Banamali Bishwal. It also focuses on the literary style of Banmali Bishwal. To fulfill the objectives of the study the researcher has followed both primary sources and secondary sources. Internet sources have also been followed for gathering information. Among the issues highlighted by the research are child labour, prostitution, poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, and the plight of modern women.

Key words: Sanskrit literature, short story,Banmali Bishwal,

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