Importance of Literature in the Freedom Struggle of India With Reference to the Selected Literary Figure of Bengal

Author: Dhirendra  Nath Ghosh

DOI Link :: -2 /4/A15/Dhirendra Nath Ghos

Abstract: No matter how the movement approaches the situation, the artists and authors believe change is necessary. It is from this perspective that a revolutionary spirit has been infused into the writing. Artists and writers play a crucial part in society. It has been stated that the pen is mightier than the sword. In this article the researcher has attempted to study the importance of Literature in the freedom struggle of India. This article also discusses the role of famous Bengali Literary figure Bankim Chandra and Rabindra Nath Tagore in the freedom struggle of India. Literature was so influential that the British were compelled to arrest literary artists because of their work’s influence in sparking the revolution. The common humanity and fraternity of all peoples are recognised. Literature from a country becomes really international when its principles, social justice, universality, and brotherhood are reflected in its works.

Key words: The Sundarbans, resource extractors, the impact zone, socio-economic conditions, crisis coping.

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