Women Empowerment & Gender Discrimination

Author: Awaneesh Baibhav

DOI Link :: https://doi-ds.org/doilink/04.2024-32594124/BIJMRD/Vol -2 / 2 (1)/2024/A7/Awaneesh Baibhav

Abstract:Gender discrimination is a curse in society. However, we still see these in society. These malpractices can easily hinder the growth of a country in society. In the 21st century, we still divide work according to gender. As a country with a very long and rich civilization, India worships women as goddesses. However, there are discrimination, bias, and stereotypes against women in our society from a very early age. While we tell ourselves that our society is modern, we still see female infanticide, dowry, and early girl marriage. This study tried to determine what kinds of gender discrimination were found based on women’s perceptions. It will be a comparative study that will help us know why gender discrimination still exists in society and the possible solutions to these problems.

Keywords: Gender, Gender discrimination, Gender stereotype, gender bias, women empowerment.

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