Storytelling in The Digital Era: Scopes And Perspectives

Author: Mr. Mantu Sahoo

DOI Link :: -2 / 2 (1)/2024/A8/Mantu Sahoo

Abstract: Storytelling constitutes the use of narrative and facts in order to express a topic of interest or concern to an audience. To produce and share stories with the appropriate audience, digital storytelling uses information technology. The purpose of this study is to examine the scopes and perspectives of storytelling in the context of digitalization. Technological improvements have also changed how individuals exchange stories and stay informed about numerous topics. Storytelling has become a more inclusive experience as technology advances. It has been argued that via sharing personal experiences, the digital storytelling movement contributes to crucial aspects of the influence of stories on fostering and building collective relationships in communities. Individual experiences are conveyed, documented, and shared via digital storytelling, which emphasises everyday communication acts. To summarise, storytelling in the digital world may take many various forms depending on the circumstances, including interconnectivity narratives, self-staging narratives, boundary management narratives, and transformation narratives.

Keywords: Digital Storytelling, Transformation, Community, Audience.

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