Higher Education: Opportunities and Difficulties for Inclusive Education

Author: Dr. Vidyasagar Halder

DOI Link :: https://doi-ds.org/doilink/12.2023-62689944/BIJMRD/2023/V1/I1/A5

Abstract: In an inclusive education system, kids with a range of impairments and special needs attend classes with students who are usually developing and without disabilities.  Instead of being in separate classes or schools, students who need extra supports and services in an inclusive environment spend most of their time with their classmates who are not impaired.  The definition of inclusive education is briefly discussed at the outset of this article, which is followed by an analysis of inclusion’s historical origins in larger civil rights campaigns in democratic democracies.  The difficulties of running an inclusive classroom are then covered, along with a number of suggestions for how teachers might help students overcome these obstacles by creating a “culture of inclusion.”

Key words: Inclusive education, Disability, Non-Disability, School, Democratic.

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