Understanding Test Anxiety: A Detailed Study

Author: Ananya Samanta

DOI Link :: https://doi-ds.org/doilink/03.2024-29121957/BIJMRD/2024/V2/I1/A9

Abstract: A psychiatric disorder that may impact individuals from all walks of life is test anxiety. When someone is about to write an exam, while taking the test, and even after the test, it causes them great discomfort and worry. People begin experiencing test anxiety in their preschool years, and it progressively becomes worse over the elementary school years. Generally speaking, when kids go into the post-elementary schools, they become rather stable. The research was conducted in order to determine the reasons behind students’ test anxiety, to list the different symptoms of test anxiety, and to investigate anxiety management techniques. Since this is a descriptive research, all necessary data have been acquired via reading books, journals, and other relevant publications. In summary, psycho education, problem solving, exposure to feared stimuli, recognition and change of automatic negative thoughts, and training in coping mechanisms may all be used to control test anxiety.

Keywords: Anxiety, Training, Psychologists, Counselors.

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