Role of Royal Women in the politics During Sultanate Period : An overview

Author: Abdul Rashid

DOI Link :: -2 / 4/A36/Abdul rosid

Abstract : There was hardly an all-out ban on women in politics. From “behind the veil,” talented women strove to influence governmental decisions. Mediaeval India was distinct from preceding epochs in Indian history. The political structure of India was drastically altered when Islam was introduced there. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how Islam influenced women’s political engagement in India, but there’s no denying that things have improved. The purpose of this research is to examine women’s participation in politics during Babur’s reign and to open a dialogue on their participation in politics throughout Akbar’s reign and beyond. The research shows that despite social pressure, women did not remain out of politics and instead made significant contributions in a number of fields.

Keywords: Mediaeval India, Political Structure, Women, Cultural Influence.

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