Socio-Economic Determinants of Career Aspirations and Occupational Choices in SC Community Higher Secondary Students

Author: Suvrangsu Sekhar Saha1 Dr. Sindhu Bala2

DOI Link: -2 / 4/A29/Suvrangsu Sekhar

Abstract: This research explores the socio-economic determinants influencing career aspirations among SC community higher secondary students. Through a comprehensive analysis, factors such as family income, parental education, cultural influences, and government policies were investigated. Findings revealed disparities in aspirations based on socio-economic backgrounds, with higher-income families and educated parents correlating with more ambitious career goals. Access to resources, including educational guidance and financial aid, also played a significant role. Policy recommendations include enhancing career guidance services, increasing financial support, and strengthening affirmative action policies. Addressing socio-economic barriers is crucial for promoting equity and diversity in education and the workforce.

Keywords: socio-economic determinants,career aspirations ,SC community,Educational guidance,Affirmative Action.

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