Keyword analysis of a subject: a study from a linguistic viewpoint

Author: Kalipada Jana1 Bidyarthi Dutta2

DOI Link:- -2 / 4/A30/Kalipada Jana1 Bidya

Abstract: Keywords are used in our everyday life. The link between user-generated content and what they are seeking for is created via keywords. In order to adequately describe a subject’s content, keywords are crucial. An interdisciplinary field, linguistics draws from the study of languages, particularly English, as well as disciplines like psychology, sociology, cognitive science, and so forth. This study’s primary goal is to ascertain the process by which keywords in a certain subject are generated. There are numerous methods in linguistics for coining new words. The classification of the linguistic analysis’s keyword components is explained in this study. The study of onomastic words (OW), endocentric words (EW), exocentric words (XW), copulative words (PW), Subject-Specific Compound Words (SSW), and Domain-Specific Compound Words (DSW) is highlighted in this work from the linguistic as well as semantic viewpoint.

Keywords: Linguistics; Onomastic Words (OW);Subject-Specific Compound Words (SSW); Domain-Specific Compound Words (DSW).

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