Analyzing the Root Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and Its Consequences on Urban and Rural Environments

Author: Mithu Bag1 Dr. Sindhu Bala2

DOI Link: -2 / 4/A27/Mithu Bag1 Dr. Sindh

Abstract: This study investigates the underlying causes of juvenile delinquency and its distinct impacts on urban and rural environments. By examining socio-economic factors, family dynamics, peer influences, and educational challenges, the research highlights critical differences in the root causes of delinquency between urban and rural settings. The study employs both qualitative and quantitative methods, utilizing surveys, interviews, and statistical analyses to provide a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon. Findings indicate that urban areas experience higher rates of delinquency due to greater exposure to crime and gang activities, while rural areas face challenges related to limited access to social services and recreational activities. The research underscores the necessity of tailored intervention programs addressing specific environmental factors to effectively mitigate juvenile delinquency and its adverse effects on community well-being.

Keywords: Juvenile Delinquency, Urban Environment, Rural Environment, Socio-economic Factors, Intervention Programs.

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