Comparative Analysis of ICT Utilization in Libraries of Government and Private Teacher Training Colleges in South Bengal

Author: Mr.Partha Mukherjee1 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Khere2

DOI Link:- -2 / 4/A26/Mr.Partha Mukherjee1

Abstract: This study presents a comparative analysis of ICT utilization in libraries of government and private teacher training colleges in South Bengal. Through an examination of ICT infrastructure, services, utilization, challenges, and recommendations, significant disparities between the two sectors are identified. Private colleges demonstrate superior ICT infrastructure, services, and utilization rates compared to government colleges, which face budgetary constraints and outdated technology. User perception and usage patterns further highlight the importance of addressing these disparities. The study provides recommendations for policy improvements, institutional strategies, and staff training initiatives to enhance ICT integration and bridge the digital divide in teacher training college libraries.

Keywords: ICT utilization,Teacher training colleges, Government college, Private college, South Bengal.

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