Technological Interventions in Teacher Education in the light of NEP 2020

Author: Arijit Bera

DOI Link :: Vol -2 / 2 (1)/2024/A3/Arijit Bera

Abstract: The National Education Policy 2020 envisions a modern education system that will directly contribute to our nation’s long-term transformation into an egalitarian and thriving knowledge society by delivering high-quality education to everyone. Education is more than simply memorizing information or increasing vocabularies; it is also about developing skills that will enable pupils to engage with the world and succeed in the workplace. Classrooms that concentrate on technology prepare pupils for a bright future. The current research was conducted to investigate the provisions for employing technology in the teacher education. Understanding the principle of using technology can help broaden the minds of teachers and teacher educators, leading to the elimination of rote learning and drill, allowing for creative discourse between teacher educator and intern, followed by similar interaction and learning between teacher and learner in the school classroom.

Keywords: Technology, Contemporary Education, Knowledge Society, Classroom.

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