Role of Socio Economic Status in the Academic Achievement of Minority Girls Students: An Exploration

Author: Sk. Sanuar

DOI Link :: -2 / 2 (1)/2024/A30/Sk.Snuar

Abstract:The social and economic standing of a person or family within a community is referred to as their socio-economic status. This includes a range of factors, including income, parental education level, employment, and access to opportunities and resources. The primary goals of the research are to investigate the processes by which socioeconomic status influences academic performance and to examine the impact of various socioeconomic status aspects on academic performance. The research also attempted to determine if academic achievement and socioeconomic status were related. The research has made use of both quantitative and qualitative data. Information has been acquired for both primary and secondary sources. The research comes to the conclusion that disparate variables including the availability of educational resources, parental engagement, and interest in extracurricular activities may be responsible for this difference. However, it’s vital to understand that a student’s family wealth should not be a good indicator of their academic standing.

Keywords: Socio-Economic, Academic Achievement, Minority Girls Students.

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