NEP 2020: Women Empowerment

Author: Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey

DOI Link :: -2 / 2 (1)/2024/A13/A. K. Dubey

Abstract:Women Empowerment essentially means women gaining more power and control over their own lives. For a nation to grow, for democracy to be truly established and for wider participation of the population in growth and development of the economy, the empowerment of women and the improvement of their political, social, economic and health status are of vital importance. In National Education Policy 2020, even greater emphasis has been laid on women’s education. Several steps have been outlined to make women’s education even more progressive. Among them are setting up non-formal education programs enabling out-of-school girls to enter the mainstream of education and providing education to remote rural women through open schools or distance education systems. Appointing of more female teachers to fructify these means of expanding women’s education have also been suggested in the NEP 2020.

Keywords: Women Empowerment, NEP 2020, Education

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