Emotional Maturity of School Students of Siliguri in Relation with Personal Variables

Author: Dr. Savita Mishra

DOI Link : https://doi-ds.org/doilink/07.2024-59946946/BIJMRD/Vol -2 / 5/2024/A8

Abstract: As a person grows emotionally mature, they work to improve their emotional well-being on all levels, from the inside out. Heterosexuality, empathy, a propensity to mimic the actions and attitudes of others, and the ability to control one’s own emotional reactions are all hallmarks of a fully developed individual. Hence, a mature emotionally isn’t necessarily someone who has dealt with all the things that made them angry or anxious; rather, he is someone who is always working to obtain a better understanding of himself and who is fighting for a more balanced relationship between his feelings, thoughts, and actions. The research set out to examine the relationship between gender and family type in terms of overall and component-wise variability in the emotional maturity of students enrolled in higher secondary schools. The method of normative survey was chosen.A hundred kids were chosen at random from four different Siliguri schools.For this study, the researchers consulted the Emotional Maturity Scale (EMS-SB) created by Bharagava and Singh (2005). The study found that regardless of family type, there is a significant disparity in emotional maturity and that the majority of kids lack emotional maturity.

Keywords: Emotional maturity, Emotional stability, Emotional independence etc.

Page No : 83-92

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