Breaking Barriers: The Empowering Effects of Mobile E-Learning for Women in the Digital Age

Author: Barnali Dey & Dr. Ramesh kumar



DOI Link -2 / 5/2024/A7

Abstract: Through the removal of conventional educational hurdles, mobile e-learning has become a transformational instrument for women’s empowerment in the digital era. This research explores how mobile e-learning empowers women, emphasizing how flexible, accessible, and capable it is of overcoming socioeconomic barriers. The study investigates how mobile e-learning helps women to readily access educational materials and modify learning schedules to fit family and professional commitments using a mixed-methods approach that includes surveys and interviews. Results show that mobile e-learning improves women’s digital literacy and technical abilities while fostering confidence and self-reliance in them. The research also looks at how mobile e-learning might help advance gender equality by giving women access to educational opportunities that were previously unattainable for them because of financial, cultural, or geographic limitations.

Keywords: Mobile E-Learning, Women Empowerment, Digital Literacy, Gender Equality, Socio-Economic Barriers

Page No : 93-103

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