Condition of Women in the Medieval India: A Study from the Historical Perspective

Author: Krishna Kanta Das

DOI Link : -2 / 4/A24/Krishna Kanta Das

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to better understand the status of women in India throughout the Middle Ages. It sheds light on the ways in which the lives of Muslim and Hindu women are comparable as well. This research shows how tough it was for women in mediaeval India. Social customs in early mediaeval India were based on the caste system. It reveals how powerful women were throughout that time. Throughout their lives, the Indian women have endured immense suffering.  According to historical accounts, women were enslaved and forced to do a wide variety of menial tasks, including dancing professionally for the royal court and serving as courtesans in temples (Deva-dasi) (Borah, 2021). Scientists have discovered that Muslim women really had it better than Hindu women. In contrast to Hindu women, Islamic women might inherit their parents’ wealth and remarry after a divorce.

Keywords: Cypermethrin, Wildlife Populations, Metabolic, Wildlife Populations, High Concentration.

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