A Study on the Educational Challenges of the Tribal Community and NEP 2020

Author: Asim Mahata

DOI Link ::  https://doi-ds.org/doilink/05.2024-34357164/BIJMRD/06.2024-74/Vol -2 /3/A2/Asim Mahata

Abstract:The present article aims to throw light on the educational issues and concerns of the tribal community and discuss the government programmes and policies for the educational development of the tribal community. It also highlights the recommendations of the NEP 2020 for tribal education. The present study is a qualitative analysis of Tribal educational challenges and the recommendations of NEP 2020 based on secondary data and information in the form of reviews, books, journals, policy, drafts, internet, etc. The article is descriptive in nature and an amalgamation of related ideas is done to conclude. The study concludes that the tribal students should be encouraged to take education by using both tribal and state languages simultaneously during the pre- primary and primary levels and creating supplementary relevant tribal learning materials.

Keywords: Educational Issues, Tribal Community, Pandemic Period, Backwardness, Challenges.

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