Globalization and its Impact on Women Empowerment in India: A Critical Study

Author: Payel Chowdhury

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Abstract: Globalization has a great impact on women empowerment across the globe. It lays the foundation for women to explore themselves in different spheres like political, social, economic and cultural. Women empowerment means giving the women power and control of their lives so that they can live their lives according their own terms and can have access in all those filed where they were not allowed once upon a time. Legal Policies framed by developed countries helping the women to know their actual rights and working for their personal benefits and societies also. Globalization is creating an environment across the world that women from various sectors and various ages can show their personal talents and hold accountable institutions that affect their lives as well as the societies.  Due to globalization the economic conditions have developed so govts and various companies are promoting various amenities for the betterment of the future of women socially, economically and politically. The success of Team chandrayaan 3 even powered by various Indian’s outstanding women. On the one hand globalization has increased various opportunities for women. Women have entered the workforce through jobs that are mostly produced by globalization. On the other hand, it has dark sides too. India is a developing country rather than developed country so here the economic status of all the people are not equal, various unskilled workers in general are victims of globalization. Though women empowerment is one of the fruits of globalization but in various cases it also causes social disruption of the family and expose women to exploitation, violence and sexual abuse. Sometimes due to lots of work pressure Women have less time at home as they have to contribute more to sustain in the competitive world.

Keywords: Globalization, Women Empowerment, Economic status, Legal Policies, Victims of Globalization.

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