An Assessment of the B.Ed. College Teachers’ Attitude towards ICT

Author: Sri Soumen Prasad Mandal, Dr. Ujjwal Paul

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Abstract: Both within and outside of the classroom, the world has changed due to recent technological advancements, making it far more fascinating and engaging for students to study about. The expectations on education have changed as a result of advancements in the use and dissemination of knowledge and information technologies. Recent years have seen a significant increase in interest in educational research due to the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) into both real and virtual classrooms, as well as teaching and learning. Thus, the researcher’s goal in this paper is to ascertain the attitude of B.Ed. college teachers toward ICT and determine if there are any notable differences in attitude toward ICT amongst the teacher subgroups that were chosen (gender, computer knowledge). The researcher employed 100 student teachers from Paschim Medinipur and Purba Medinipur who were employed by B.Ed. colleges for this purpose. The Simple Random Sampling Technique was used to choose the sample. Samuel Gnanamuthu and Krishnakumar R. created and validated the Teachers’ Attitude towards ICT Scale. The 20 items on the teachers’ attitude toward ICT scale include five response options: strongly disagree, agree, disagree, disagree, and strongly agree. The study’s conclusions show that B.Ed. college instructors have a positive attitude toward ICT. The attitudes of B.Ed college instructors who are computer literate and those who are not vary greatly about ICT.

Keywords: Technologies, Knowledge, High Schools, Instructors.

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