Post-Independence Challenges and Progress of Rural Marginalized Communities in West Bengal

Author: Biswajit Pal

DOI Link: -2 / 5/2024/A19

Abstract : This article examines the socio-economic conditions and developmental progress of rural marginalized communities in West Bengal since India’s hisindependence. It explores the historical context and the policies implemented to uplift these communities, highlighting both the achievements and ongoing challenges. The study focuses on key areas such as education, healthcare, land reforms, and employment opportunities. Despite various government initiatives and non-governmental efforts, many marginalized communities continue to face significant obstacles, including poverty, lack of infrastructure, and social discrimination. The analysis also considers the impact of recent economic reforms and political changes on these communities. By providing a comprehensive overview of the progress made and the persistent issues, this article aims to shed light on the complexities of rural development in West Bengal. It emphasizes the need for more inclusive and sustainable development policies to ensure the holistic upliftment of marginalized groups. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, the article offers valuable insights into the lived
experiences of rural marginalized communities, advocating for continued efforts to address their needs and aspirations in the post-independence era.

Keywords: Rural communities, Marginal People, Post-Independence, Challenges, Progress

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