Empowering Libraries: Leveraging Open Source Software for Enhanced Services

Author: Sunirmal Chandra Halder

DOI Link:  https://doi-ds.org/doilink/07.2024-98656797/BIJMRD/Vol -2 / 5/2024/A17

Abstract: Libraries play a pivotal role in providing access to information and knowledge in our digital age. In the pursuit of offering enhanced services, libraries are increasingly turning to open sources of tware solutions a san alternative to proprietary systems.This study delves into the methodology of examining the impact of opensource software on libraries and their ability to empower communities through improved services. With the help of extensive review of existing literature related to open-source software in libraries, library technology trends, and best practices. By following this thematic approach to the methodology, the study on empowering libraries through opensource software can provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic through qualitative perspectives. In conclusion, leveraging open-source software is a powerful strategy for libraries seeking to enhance their services while maintaining financial sustainability, flexibility, and community engagement. This approached powers libraries to adapt to changing user needs, ensure data privacy and security, and contribute to a global ecosystem of knowledge’s haring and innovation. Ultimately, embracing open source is not just a pragmatic choice for libraries; it is apathy toward more resilient, user-centric, and vibrant future for library services.

Keywords: Library System, Open source software, Educational Institutions, Enhanced Services.

 Page No : 14-24

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