Social Challenges and Adjustments of Adolescents in Educational Settings

DOI LINK: -2 / 5/2024/A14

Author:  Purushottam Kumar Vats1 Dr. Santanu Biswas 2

Abstract: Adolescents in educational settings navigate a complex array of social challenges that significantly impact their adjustment and overall development. These challenges include peer pressure, bullying, academic stress, and identity formation, all of which shape their social interactions, emotional well-being, and academic success. Content analysis is a systematic method used to analyze qualitative data, focusing on the content and meaning of texts or media. This methodology allows researchers to explore and understand the complexities of adolescents’ experiences, perceptions, and behaviors within educational environments.Peer relationships play a pivotal role, influencing adolescents’ self-esteem, social skills, and sense of belonging, while bullying and social exclusion can lead to profound negative consequences. Academic pressures contribute to stress and anxiety, affecting both social interactions and academic performance. Moreover, adolescents grapple with identity formation, navigating cultural and personal identities within the school context. Addressing these challenges requires comprehensive approaches from educators and policymakers to foster supportive environments that promote positive peer relationships, mitigate bullying, alleviate academic stress, and support healthy identity development among adolescents.


Keywords: Adolescents, Educational settings, Social challenges, Peer relationships, Bullying, Identity formation.

Page: 37-48

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