Chandraketugharh, Unknown Chapter of History

Author: Rupa Bose

DOI Link : -2 / 4/A12/Rupa Bose

Abstract: The lost civilization of Chandraketugarhis a wonderful civilization.Among the very few archaeological sites that West Bengal can boost of, one that is of utmost important I s the site of “Chandraketugarh”. It is located in Berachapa of North 24 Parganas. Sites of Haroa, Debalaya, Hadipur, Sarpukur, and Jhjikra have produced relics of Ancient Bengal The site is named after the name of the mythical king Chandraketu. He is a controversial character. Many places of Burdwan Hooghly are named after him. Dr.Gourishankar De says the Chandraketu is ethical feudal chief. Archaeological survey of India has discovered in this site KhanaMihirerDhipi which is a temple complex most probably ofthe Pala period and probably it was a temple where Buddhist Jain and Hindu God andGoddess were worshiped. The huge fortified area was first visited by Long Hurt of Dr S.I In in1906. The relics that have been discovered from Chandraketugarh can be dated from PostMaruya to Pala–Sena period including that of the Sunga, Skanva, Kushana, Satavahana and Gupta periods. From the extensive excavation cites it can be said that Chandraketugarh was an agriculture base and commerce base vast riverine civilization which had been a very rich port-city carrying on bats internal, as well as national and international trade within various places. Sunga period saw the growth of terracotta figurines and Kushana period saw the growth of Gandhara Art. The relics of these region they are resembles of Arts if these periods

Key words: Chandraketugharh ,God Goddes ,Agriculture , Ancient Bengal.

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