Socio Economic Conditions Occupational Preference and Level of Aspiration of the Students of Higher Secondary Schools Belong to SC Community

Author: Suvrangsu Sekhar Saha & Dr. Sindhu Bala

DOI Link :: -2/3/A6/Suvrangsu Sekha

Abstract:Education, knowledge, culture, and religion are integral aspects of human development, shaping individuals’ growth and social integration. Guiding the younger generation is essential for their success, as it facilitates the practical application of knowledge acquired through education. Education, encompassing discipline and cultural learning, distinguishes humans from animals by refining instincts into civilized behaviour. Unlike mere instructors, tutors provide comprehensive guidance for lifelong learning. As individuals mature, they form aspirations within their sphere of experience, both professionally and educationally. This article examines the aspiration development of 10th and 12th standard students in government schools, highlighting the challenges they encounter in realizing their aspirations.

Keywords: Education, Aspir, Guidance, Development, Higher Secondary School Students.

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