The resilient cultural and religious diversity of South Asia

Author: Dr. Mamta Shah

DOI Link ::  : -1 / 2 /Jan-2024/A5

Abstract: South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan have been considered as a source of religious, philosophical, cultural, scientific and culinary influences since ages. The historic traditions of these countries not only depict how different religions and cultures of these regions are related to each other, but also the dynamics of their influence on the contemporary world. The diversity of these countries also expresses their social, political and artistic ideas and their remarkable influence on the rest of the world through their linguistic, cultural and ethnic range. The study also points out how their intellectual ideas and philosophies are shared or sometimes opposed by the entire globe. So, present paper is going to examine the socio- cultural characteristics of South Asia, entailing their traditions and living, besides their influences on the rest of the world over time. It is also going to explore the resilient and vibrant journey of these diversified cultures throughout the recent past.

Key words– Culture, religious, lifestyle, languages, influence, traditions, linguistic

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